Cultivation Consulting for Licenced Growers


4 Plant Home Growers

Benson Middleton Associates Inc.

Cannabis Cultivation Consultation


Areas of  Expertise

Layouts (Indoor & Outdoor)

Process Efficiency


Systems & Lighting

Nutrient Options

Cost Estimates

We posess over 40 years of combined Cannabis Cultivation Experience

with over 10,000 legal plants cultivated by our clients over the years.

No single source has our depth of experience and knowhow.


 We provide cultivation consultation to anyone licensed under the Cannabis Act,

Section 2 of Health Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.


First Nations Sovereignty 


Whether you are a personal grower, designated grower or operating a collective growing facility, we can help.


Our services include;

Strain Selection

Equipment options

Custom Layout Diagrams

On Site evaluation and setup assistance

Cost Estimates

Follow-up Support Services

Our Mission;

Highest yield

Highest Quality

Production efficiency

Low Maintenance

Regulatory Compliance

Municipal Compliance

Examples of just some of our section 2 ACMPR work

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