Cultivation Consultation

We provide cultivation consultation to anyone licensed to produce Cannabis for Medical Purposes under Section 2 of Health Canada's  Access to Cannabis for Medical Puposes Regulations.

Whether you are a personal grower, designated grower or operating a collective gowing facility, we can help.


Our services include;

  • Strain Selection
  • Equipment options
  • Custom Layout Diagrams
  • On Site evaluation and setup assistance
  • Cost Estimates
  • Followup Support Services

Our Mission;

  • Highest yield
  • Highest Quality
  • Production efficiency
  • Low Maintenance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Municipal Compliance

Examples of just some of our work

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bma Hydroponics
404 Maitland Drive
Bellevile, Ontario K8N 4Z5
Phone: 613-967-9888


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